About us

Johanniter International (JOIN) is the partnership of the four protestant Orders of St John and their national charities. Our member organisations are based in Europe and the Middle East.

In close cooperation and supported by more than 100,000 volunteers, they serve humanity with medical services and first aid, social care, international aid, disaster relief and youth work. The services of our member organisations are open to everyone.

Our central office in Brussels advocates the interest of the St John charities towards European and international bodies and facilitates international projects and working groups.

“The work of all our member organisations hinges on a single aspiration: to help people in everyday life as well as in crisis”
Mark Broughton, Chairman

Research & Development

Some of our JOIN members are very active at the European level. Sometimes as coordinators of various projects and other times as consortium members.
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Networking Hub

Our members are based in 17 countries and support each other's development.