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The Annual Reviews comprise everything about our working groups, joint projects of our members, EU Projects and more of our multiple activities and main achievements.
Annual Review 2022 – Download (pdf)
Annual Review 2021 – Download (pdf)
Annual Review 2020 Download (pdf)
Annual Review 2019 Download (pdf)
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The principle of first aid must be simple skills, clearly taught and capable of being
performed in a stressful situation by those with no medical training. This manual is intended to offer
a basic level of first aid for members of the general public and is available in 17 languages. 

Download (pdf)

Find the Guidelines in multiple languages as well as learning material for children ‘European First Aid for 5 to 7 years old’ and the ‘Guidance for teachers and instructors’ here.

JOIN is active in EU projects. An overview of the work conducted so far is available here below.

Download (pdf)

 iProcureSecurity PCP Booklet for Suppliers: General information for Suppliers on the iProcureSecurity PCP project and its scopes.

Download (pdf)

GERMAN: Pressemitteilung MED1stMR Field Trials

St John Ambulance is providing first aid guidance and support to people in Ukraine. Find translated resources below in Ukrainian and Russian: