About JOIN

Johanniter International (JOIN) is the partnership of the four protestant Orders of St John and their national charities. Our member organisations are based in Europe and the Middle East.

In close cooperation and supported by more than 100,000 volunteers, they serve humanity with medical services and first aid, social care, international aid, disaster relief and youth work. The services of our member organisations are open to everyone.

Our central office in Brussels advocates the interest of the St John charities towards European and international bodies and facilitates international projects and working groups.

Mission statement

We will strengthen and facilitate collaboration among our member organisations and will advocate their interests to the European Institutions and other international bodies.


To unify the efforts of the St John organisations to reach everyone who would benefit from our humanitarian aid and expertise.



Our member organisations work together in the pursuit of a common agenda by providing a unified voice for humanitarian assistance and by supporting each other’s development.


Our member organisations of different backgrounds and capacities benefit from each others’ experience, turning a multitude of approaches into one mutual strength.


Our member organisations share their expertise widely, with each other and with society as a whole.

Official Status

Since February 2006, JOIN is registered as a formally recognised non-profit  association in Belgium. The official status in French is: “Association sans but lucratif”. You can find the current statutes of JOIN (in French as one of the official languages in the Belgian capital Brussels) on the website of the Belgian Federal Government (enter “Johanniter” in the search form “Denomination”). JOIN is also listed in the Transparency Register of the European Union as well as by the Permanent Representation of Germany to the European Union.