Medical Student Exchange

Welcome to the JOIN Medical Students Exchange!

Johanniter International (JOIN) is a partnership of 16 national charity organisations founded by the Order of St John in Europe and the Middle East, and the 4 Orders of St John in Europe. Our member organisations have a shared approach to humanitarian welfare and social aid based on their christian heritage. 

The main aspiration of JOIN is to support more cooperation among its members. Therefore we have established the opportunity for medical students to take a practical training of a few weeks in one of JOIN members’ hospitals.

Information about available placements are to be found above together with basic practical information about work conditions, travel, accommodation, living costs and contact persons.

This is an unique opportunity for young people not only to collect practical experiences and explore the world but also all to further build a shared JOIN spirit. 

  • You will be covered by national health and accident insurance. Regarding travel insurance, please contact your national contact point.

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group (SJEHG) is the only charitable provider of expert eye care in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. The services include Hospitals in East Jerusalem, Hebron and Gaza, a clinic in Anabta, and a Mobile Outreach Programme which serves remote areas of the West Bank. 

The medical students are welcome for a practical short-term placement in the hospital in Jerusalem. Within the placement day trips can be organised to Hebron and Anabta centers. The hospital has also a mobile outreach clinic that goes to the various areas of the West Bank, these clinics are usually included in the timetable of visiting medical students. 

Practical information about the possibilities of applying for a placement in SJEHG can be found in the Guide for Newcomers and in the Volunteer Doctors Policy.

Please contact to apply, attaching your CV and a short Cover Letter (max 1 page) explaining your background, expertise and motivation. The JOIN Office will put you in contact with a local coordinator. 

Regarding accommodation, the medical students stay in a shared flat which is situated in the hospital compound but they have their own bedroom. The cost of the elective period is $135 (£100) per week which is the equivalent of NIS600 (local currency). The best way to pay is in cash when they arrive at the hospital. This goes towards the board and lodging (accommodation and food). On the other hand the medical students have to cover all their travel expenses.

Knowledge of English is required for everyday work.

Please note that affiliation to one of the JOIN members is a precondition for application. 

Read here a testimony of a medical student from Texas (USA) about his training placement at St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem.

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe is with its numerous hospitals, rehabilitation and other specialised care facilities a well-established healthcare provider in Germany. It runs 13 hospital facilities all over the country which provide a broad range of medical services. The list of medical facilities run by Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (JUH) Germany can be found here. The JUH may also be able to organise trainings in other hospitals than those mentioned above, as their volunteer doctors are situated in many other hospitals around Germany.

A short-term placement is possible in all facilities, depending on current situation and on the specialisation and interest of the medical student. The placements are agreed taking into account all circumstances on an individual basis. Please send firstly an email to to apply, attaching your CV and a short Cover Letter (max 1 page) explaining your background, expertise, preference placement and motivation. The JOIN Office will then arrange the contact with a country coordinator. 

Knowledge of German or English is required for everyday work, German is however an asset.

Please note that affiliation to one of the JOIN members is a precondition for application.

Johanniter Germany will be happy to assist you with travel and accommodation, upon mutual agreement and according to its current possibilities.