Member Activities

Member organisations provide national and international activities such as Emergency Medical Services, First Aid, Social Care, Youth Work and International Assistance, in addition to services for older people, people with disabilities, vulnerable groups and all people in need. Organisations that are part of JOIN and the four Orders of St John currently operate in more than 50 countries around the world. Through International Assistance, JOIN members, both large and small, come together in an effort to help respond to various problems faced by people around the globe. Be it disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, or international development.

JOIN members have also cooperated on a European level to show how easy and rewarding it can be to make an effort to care for people in everyday life and in times of crisis.

Member Activities

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First aid can mean the difference between a life lost and a life saved. JOIN members provide first aid and teach essential skills to ensure people can respond in an emergency. With public demonstrations and certified training, our member organisations work to train millions of potential lifesavers.

The hidden lifesavers

Whenever large crowds gather – at sports events, community festivals or concerts – there are volunteers in the background to look after them.

  • Volunteers provide first aid assistance
  • Well-trained and well-equipped teams
  • Services for both spectators and performers

Ambulance services are a big part of our work. Trained helpers are on-site with equipped vehicles, bikes, helicopters, on horseback, on foot, on and in water or on skis to reach everyone in need of medical treatment.

Everyday heroes

Rescue services offer important support for societies.

  • Assistance in the case of illness, crisis or an accident on land, sea and air
  • Special units for sea, air, and mountain rescue missions

JOIN members also respond to crises with civil protection and helping victims of disasters around the globe with emergency medical aid.

The patient transfer teams ensure people arrive in time at treatment places. Besides ambulance services, many of our members offer transport for patients and families to health-related appointments. With shuttles and wheelchair buses, people with limited mobility can reach their appointment save and in time or enjoy an organised trip and holiday with well-trained care persons.

JOIN members lead numerous hospitals around the world. One of these, which specialises in eye care is located in Jerusalem at the birthplace of the Order of St John. The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is the only charitable provider of expert eye care in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Johanniter Germany leads 17 hospitals, specialised and rehabilitation clinics, seven medical care and therapy centres, three nursing schools and three central service companies.

Being together, respect and lots of fun

Youth work is a core activity of several JOIN members. Volunteers work with children and adolescents from different social or cultural backgrounds.

  • Children learn to be responsible – for themselves and for others
  • Being part of a strong community improves self-esteem
  • Having a good time with others in youth groups and holiday camps

We engage in Youth Work to inspire and connect the next generation of lifesavers. Our young people learn how to save lives and gain new skills and experience along the way.

International youth work is a priority. By carrying out first aid competitions together, facilitating exchanges or coordinating common European-wide projects, JOIN members give children and adolescents the opportunity to gain invaluable experiences, exciting memories and make friends across borders.

Enjoying life

Elderly people do not only need care and medical assistance. They also need company to take a walk or share a laugh with a friend.

  • Volunteers visit people at home or in nursing homes
  • Taking walks, reading together or helping with the household
  • Special support for sufferers of dementia or other mental illnesses

Many JOIN members run residences for elderly people, and staff and volunteers visit them regularly at home.

Taking part in everyday life

JOIN volunteers support people with disabilities in different ways to take part in all aspects of everyday life.

  • Assisted holidays provided by volunteers
  • Mobility services and support

Numerous day-care centres for people with mental disabilities are led by JOIN members. They organise events and work to reduce barriers and foster social inclusion.

To help people in need is one of the main tasks of all JOIN members. They engage in food and clothing provision in their countries as well as around the globe. Many JOIN members run accommodations, shelters and kitchen for homeless people in their communities and provide free medical consultations and examinations.

Our member organisations also provide refugee assistance nationally, such as Johanniter Germany, which has experienced an unprecedented number of refugees since 2015. Their staff provide medical assistance, emergency shelters and accommodation facilities (notably for unaccompanied minors). They also created long-term accommodations while providing language training and assistance to facilitate the integration process.

A good start

In their kindergartens and playschools, Johanniter Germany do not only provide day-care for the little ones. They let children learn through play and experience the world with all senses. It is the mission of the day care centers to provide all children with the best possible educational and development opportunities.

  • Children experience rituals and traditions
  • Learn to care for each other
  • Volunteers are a helpful support

Our German member runs 500 day-care centres for more than 35,000 children nationwide. Many of their day-care centres were also open during the pandemic as emergency care.

JOIN members respond to humanitarian crises by helping victims of disasters around the globe with relief supplies and emergency aid. Read about the international humanitarian aid of our members here.

JOIN members engage in nationally funded and European-funded research projects and development. They run departments dedicated to research and innovation as well as specialised academic institutions to conduct in-depth research on matters related to health, training and their respective services.