is a project by eight multisectoral organisations aimed at raising awareness of cybersecurity in hospitals across Europe. Driven by an online information hub, the project accelerates training initiatives for all stakeholders.

This hub is a mean to aggregate knowledge on cybersecurity in hospitals and focuses on risk-awareness and protection. High-quality trainings supported by e-approaches to minimise the risk of cyber-attacks against healthcare facilities.

The community will be able to overview, analyse and share knowledge and resources. The resulting findings aim to create high-quality trainings and custom-specific curricula. Training activities will be held in open online courses, local on-site workshops, webinars and in Summer Schools. Through blended approaches, the project will enhance the training in cybersecurity in Europe, improve the knowledge of staff and in turn contribute to decrease vulnerabilities against cyber threats and increase patient trust and safety.

Our partners are:

Interspead, Erasmus University Rotterdam, time.lex, Fundació Privada Hospital Asil de Granollers, COOSS Cooperativa Sociale, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Österreichs and European Ageing Network.

The role of Johanniter International is to collect information about European and international initiatives and stakeholders to build knowledge on their lessons learned. JOIN aims to involve as many of its member associations as possible in this collaboration for sound knowledge sharing in diverse settings and situations. The JOIN Office engages its network of experts and trainers from the field to map and analyse needs and challenges in training for cybersecurity. Proceeding from the findings, JOIN will develop training schemes and an engagement strategy. In the final stage of the project, JOIN will lead the organisation of a “Cybersecurity in Hospitals Summer School” to train trainers and practitioners. The aggregated knowledge and derived training materials will then be accessible on the online information hub and could be tailored to be applied where needed.

The Project started on 1 December 2018 and will run for twenty-six months.

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