JOIN Workshop: Data protection in healthcare

The protection of personal data is becoming more and more critical and increasingly represents a quality feature in any field of work. Especially in healthcare, the handling of patient data is a highly sensitive area. This data is always highly personal and demands increased attention to data protection and data security. For this reason, there are separate provisions for the protection of patient data.

The first workshop by JOIN created in the frame of the EU Project is held in German and serves to raise awareness. It specifically addresses data security from the perspective of health personnel with a focus on emergency services and patient transport.

Our event is suitable as a personnel training in health care and can be flexibly booked via the eLearning platform of Johanniter Austria.

For members of Johanniter Austria, 2 hours of training are credited.

Targeted participants: Health workers at all levels in nursing, patient transport and emergency services

– Georg Aumayr, Head of Research and Innovation at Johanniter Austria
– Leopold Weninger, data protection officer at Johanniter Austria

Duration: 3 hours + 1 hour live Q&A session

– The need for data protection among Johanniter organisations
– Introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
– Data protection regulations in the health sector and medical confidentiality
– Responsibilities for data protection within medical facilities
– Data protection implementation based on examples
– Collection of patient data for treatment and transportation
– Processing of patient data within the facility
– Storage of personal data
– Access to patient data
– Documentation requirement
– Disclosure of patient data within the facility
– Processing for research purposes
– The patient’s right to view files
– Disclosure of patient data to third parties
– Transmission to post-treatment institutions or state recipients
– Information claims from health insurance companies & MDK
– Lost patient data
– Data storage in the cloud
– Patient education and declaration of consent
– Common mistakes and questions about data protection in healthcare

For further information, please contact Georg Aumayr.