European First Aid for 5 to 7 years old

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A first edition available in 12 languages!

Following the success of the European-wide First Aid Guidelines for the adult public, Johanniter International released the free-to-use first aid teaching materials for children in 2021. The booklets comprise a set of two stories for children, playfully introducing them to basic concepts of first aid, along with a ‘Guidance for teachers and instructors’. The materials promote the importance of early first aid training in preventing injuries and saving lives. The stories are designed to be interactive with opportunities for discussion and colouring, offering an engaging way for children to start learning about health and healthcare.

Developed by the JOIN Clinical Working Group, the two stories for children offer an introductory program to first aid entailing awareness of risks and danger of surroundings, how to call for help, and further basic concepts. While all content primarily aims at the school setting, close attention was given to versatile applicability in a classroom, as well as at home, in large groups or on an individual basis. The publication is designed as the first part of a series of modules for children.

The set of ‘European First Aid for 5 to 7 years old’ are available for free download on the same website as the European First Aid Guidelines.