The project “EUinAid – Youth involved in First Aid” developed a transnational network and common approach to First Aid practice. It is based on youth engagement to promote social inclusion and well-being of young people with fewer opportunities. EUinAid aimed to improve skills and competences of young people from 18 to 25, especially those who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs) and youth workers in the field of Health Assistance. The project directed at developing and testing an innovative cross-border approach to first aid practice and training at EU level. It fosters the assessment of transversal skills and supports the validation of non-formal learning and its permeability with formal education pathways. JOIN member S.O.G.IT. Italy, section of Settimo Torinese lead the project in collaboration with Johanniter Austria, Johannita Hungary, and 3 other organisations:

DOREA Educational Institute WTF (Cyprus) De mãos dadas pela vida (Brazil) İstanbul Avrupa Araştırmaları Derneği (Turkey) IAAD. 

The partners mapped and analysed the first aid systems in Europe and implement a multilingual e-training platform. This network enables all relevant parties to share good practices in this field. In the training course that combines the use of Open Education Resources with Youth Exchanges, the participants prepared for employment through non-formal learning activities.  

Funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ programme, the project started in November 2018 and was successfully completed in May 2020.

News from EUinAID

EUinAid Mobility Scheme

The mobility scheme of EUinAid included 2 youth exchanges and 2 training events for youth workers hosted by 4 organisations of the project consortium. The

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