EUinAid Mobility Scheme

The mobility scheme of EUinAid included 2 youth exchanges and 2 training events for youth workers hosted by 4 organisations of the project consortium.

The first youth exchange was held in Turin from the 13th to 19th January 2020. 35 young people participated in the exchange hosted by S.O.G.IT Settimo Turinese. They got to know everything about the EUinAid project and were guided through the headquarters of the Italian partner before the first aid practice began. The following days, the participants experienced the city of Turin in a sightseeing tour and took part in first aid training sessions focussed on Trauma. Another part of the programme was a visited of the operational centres for first aid followed by debates, evaluation and self-assessment. On Sunday, S.O.G.IT gave a briefing on the forthcoming mobility in Vienna before their departure.

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe Austria welcomed 16 young people in Vienna from 27th January to 2nd February. The participants were guided through the facilities of Johanniter Centre North and introduced to Johanniter as an organisation. The first aid training took place on Tuesday and Wednesday in two full-day modules. On Thursday, the participants got to go on a sightseeing tour followed by a social dinner at a local restaurant.

Friday was the day of the sill drill with focus on resuscitation, algorithms and practical training exercises. A virtual reality experience was also part of the programme.

The first exchange of youth workers was hosted in Budapest by Johannita Hungary from the 10th to 16th February. The professionals were introduced to Johannita Segítő Szolgálat and started their first aid training on Tuesday. The training activities continued the following day and included a visit to the Emergency Control Centre. On Thursday, the participants visited a secondary school, where first aid training was given to students. They discussed the lessons and analysed the methodology of teaching and learning. A visit to the helicopter station of the Aerial Ambulance Centre and the Ambulance museum were the next points on the agenda. This was followed by an evaluation of the program and sightseeing in Budapest and in Szentendre.

From 2nd March to 8th March DOREA Educational Institute welcomed 6 youth workers from Italy, Cyprus and Brazil at their premises in Limassol.

The 5-day course for youth workers from Italy, Brazil, Hungary, Austria and Cyprus and delivered by DOREA Educational Institute aimed to provide a ‘Bootcamp experience’ for youth workers through which they will have the opportunity to develop Soft and Hard Skills in their work with youth. The topics that were explored included the development of teamwork, communication, creativity, critical thinking, presenting, and training delivery skills. During the first day of the training, youth workers explored the topics of teamwork and communication and enjoyed the sightseeing in Limassol. The next day focused on blended learning approaches and presenting skills. Critical thinking was tackled in various exercises and discussions while the last day of training gave the participants valuable insights on video making.