JOIN Fundraising Working Group meets in Berlin

From 22nd to 23rd March, representatives from Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary Sweden, and the JOIN Board met at the headquarters of Johanniter in Berlin.

The day began with a welcome and briefing by the working group’s new Chairman, Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig and presentations of Johanniter Germany on large donors and fundraising through ‘direct mailing’. Interesting insights into fundraising for the regional association of Berlin were then shared. Institutional Fundraising for Johanniter International Assistance was also presented. This was followed by a short report of each member organisation on one particular fundraising activity over the past year. The discussion continued on how to structure a charity to start Fundraising activities.

The second day of the meeting saw the JOIN Office reporting on the fundraising appeals issued by JOIN members in the past year. After an update on the activities of the other working groups, the participants engaged in discussing their approach and national regulations on legacy fundraising.

Finally, the relevance of the different fundraising fields and techniques discussed were assessed according to the objectives, capacities and domestic context of each participating JOIN member.

From left to right: Christian Velten-Jameson (JOIN Vice-Chairman, France), Johannes Bucher (Austria), Jürgen Wacker (Germany), Dr Robert Brandstetter (Austria), Nikolett Biró (Hungary), Petra Grell-Kunzinger (Austria), Andreas Hauptmann (Germany), Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (Denmark), Eva Pelgen (JOIN Office), László Porcsalmy (Hungary), John Montgomery (Sweden), Maja Münch (Germany). Behind the camera: Joachim Berney (JOIN Office). Picture by Johanniter International