Evacuation and emergency relief operations started in Kherson

Following the breach of the dam in Kakhovka, in south-eastern Ukraine, Johanniter International Assistance fears a significant worsening of the humanitarian situation within the flooded area and warns of the danger of mines being washed away as well as a massive deterioration of the drinking water supply.

On 6th June, the dam in Kachowka was partially destroyed. 18.2 billion litres of water are now pouring out of the breach and flooding the villages along the Dnipro River. Around 16,000 people are acutely affected by the floods.

Johanniter has been working with its partners in the flooded areas for several months and has been in direct contact with them. “Vehicles for evacuations have been provided, and further emergency relief measures are being explored,” says Florian Beck, Johanniter Programme Officer for Ukraine.

In addition to other emergency measures, such as providing shelter and supplies for the evacuees, Johanniter and its partners will continue to work in the region: “The floods have washed away mines and unexploded ammunition. Food warehouses and infrastructure were destroyed. Our project activities have thus become even more important,” emphasises the 38-year-old.

Since October, NEW DAWN and Johanniter have been providing the survivors and returnees in the villages of the Kherson and Mykolaev regions with daily necessities and repair materials for houses and water infrastructure. The project is currently being expanded to include mine risk education, especially for children. Another partner, ELEOS, distributes food and hygiene items in Kherson thanks to donations to Johanniter and Aktion Deutschland Hilft.