Johanniter delivers relief supplies following the destruction of the Kakhovka dam

Relief supplies worth 200,000 Euros were procured for people in the trapped villages north of Kherson. 

Four days after the destruction, water continues to flow from the Kakhovka dam. Over 600 square kilometres of the Kherson region are already underwater. North of Kherson city, in the Chernobraivka region, villages are also trapped by water and difficult to access for aid organisations. On 8th June, the staff of Johanniter partner organisation NEW DAWN reached the remote villages by boat.

On board, they carried drinking water and water filters that can purify 1200 litres of water daily. On the way back, they picked up people and animals to take them to safer areas. “Boats are not available in the villages, and many inhabitants cannot swim,” reports Philipp Francke, coordinator at NEW DAWN.

Johanniter partner organisation ELEOS is also helping with the evacuation. A total of nine boats from both organisations are already in operation, bringing relief supplies to the villages on the way there and people to safety on the way back. “The willingness of the Ukrainian population to donate is enormous. We get so many things donated that we had to set up a distribution centre, where trucks now bring relief goods from Odessa to Kherson every day. From here, the goods are then distributed by boats,” Francke describes the situation.

The aid measures are made more difficult by the difficult security situation. “There was heavy shelling in our project region yesterday. Our staff were just able to get to safety,” explains Philipp Francke.

200,000 Euros provided for emergency aid

In addition to donations from the population, NEW DAWN and ELEOS are using funds from Johanniter to procure up to 1,000 water filters, 1,000 hygiene kits, clothing, life jackets, medicines, mattresses, camp beds and about 100,000 litres of drinking water. For the time being, Johanniter is providing a total of 200,000 Euros for emergency relief after the flood disaster.

Johanniter Germany in Ukraine

Johanniter International Assistance has been working in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. They help refugees, displaced people, those who have stayed and returnees in different regions of Ukraine. Together with partners in 100 towns and villages across the country, Johanniter supports around 30,000 people with food and hygiene items every month.