Fourth MED1stMR Field Trial in Ranst, Belgium

From 27th November to 1st December, the fourth Field Trial of the MED1stMR project took place at the premises of our partner Campus Vesta. Campus Vesta has a Multidisciplinary Testing & Exercise Infrastructure at its disposal. The campus is situated in Ranst, near Antwerp, on a former English military base, boasting approximately 50 hectares. The modern main building consists of 25 classrooms, 4 computer classrooms, an auditorium, a classroom for virtual exercises, a fitness centre, 2 dojos, a gym, practice spaces for role playing and a state-of-the-art shooting range.

Imagine a serious accident that has occurred in a tunnel, with twenty people injured and in need of emergency medical care. What is the best way to handle the situation as a first responder?

This was one of the training scenarios in this Field Trial at Campus Vesta. During a full week, trainers and first responders tested the mixed reality training system that was developed by the MED1stMR project consortium in the past two years.

This Mixed Reality environment combines aspects from the physical world – such as the medical high-end patient simulation manikins and real equipment – with aspects from the virtual world. Trainees can thus immerse themselves more strongly in the scenarios and perceive the body, limbs, and movements tactilely and visually when examining and treating patients.

Each day, different groups of medical first responders trained in the MED1stMR solution, supported by educated Mixed Reality Trainers. 53 first responders tested the prototype training solution over the week. Before, during, and after the training, research on different levels was done to include these results (stress data, behaviour, the usability of the technology, etc.) in the forward development of the project. 

The following Field Trial will be held from 11th to 15th December in the Spanish capital Madrid at the premises of the Emergency Hospital Nurse Isabel Zendal.