Report by an English volunteer at the Ski Jump World Cup in Germany

From 27th – 29th December 2023, Johanniter Germany provided first aid services at the Ski Jump World Cup in Oberstdorf, Germany. The German first-aiders were supported by six volunteers from Austria and one from St John Ambulance in England.  Daniel Jachimowski from England recounts:

“I arrived on the 27th of December in Kempten by train, where I was picked up by Oliver Fuchs from Johanniter Germany. I had some time to freshen up in the accommodation before meeting the other volunteers from Austria, who also arrived that evening.

The next morning, all volunteers met in Kempten and I was assigned to one of the ambulance teams. Together, we departed to Oberstdorf, where we offloaded the equipment for the treatment centre and we were assigned our posts together with other teams of emergency responders, paramedics and doctors. On the first day, I had no patient. We returned to the base in Kempten late in the evening.

On the second day, I was assigned to the other treatment centre located on the opposite side of the ski jump. Throughout the day, I attended to three patients, all of whom experienced temporary faints. Luckily, they could be discharged on-site conducting basic observations including blood pressure checks. After the end of the event, we packed up the equipment and returned to Kempten. I returned home the next day.

Overall, I had a fantastic time during these three days. I met fantastic people and gained valuable knowledge. I hope I will have a chance to do another volunteer swap in the future.”