Volunteer from St John Ambulance at acute care service in Vienna

On 2 September, the acute care service of Johanniter in Vienna welcomed their colleague Rebecca Fregene from Manchester to a practical training as part of the JOIN Volunteer Swap. She is currently studying at Bangor University to become a nurse. For the duration of the training, Rebecca is part of a team of professionals and volunteers providing both patient transport and acute care situations.

Rebecca is a volunteer at St John Ambulance in England and Wales where she is active as a first responder. During the training in the Austrian nursing service, the apprentices learn techniques of care and mobilisation, as well as body care on the patient and perform prophylactic care measures. They support the patient’s diet and perform a medical examination under the guidance of a certified health and nursing staff member. Rebecca’s duties include participation in diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

The St John Ambulance volunteer will stay with the acute care service in Vienna until the 13 September for the two-week training.