JOIN Annual General Meeting 2021

Due to the persisting COVID-19 pandemic, a formal Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held online in order to comply with Belgian law.

The AGM began with our Vice-Chairman, Christian Velten-Jameson, outlining the activities of the Board over the past twelve months, followed by comprehensive financial information. The delegates unanimously approved the extension of the mandates of the current Board members until the end of 2021, but with the intention to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting in October when a new Board will be elected.

A final decision on the location of the October meeting – either in London or online – will be made in late August. JOIN delegates will be kept informed in a timely manner.

From left to right First row: Hubertus von Puttkamer (Germany), Joachim Berney (JOIN Office), Andrew Grech (Malta), Mark Broughton (England). Second row: Eva Pelgen (JOIN Office), Vice-Chairman Christian Velten-Jameson (France), Dr Ahmad Ma’ali (Jerusalem), Lidwien van der Reep (The Netherlands). Third row: Stephan Beschle (Most Venerable Order of St John), Floor Van Dedem (Johanniter Orde Nederland), László Porcsalmy (Hungary), Grzegorz Giemza (Poland). Fourth row: Chairman Johannes Bucher (Austria), Eric von Troil (Finland), Alexander von Korff (Johanniterorden), Pontus Hedberg (Sweden). Fifth row: Friederike von Bar (Germany), Panos Koutourousis (Cyprus).