Johanniter International launches European First Aid Guidelines

For the very first time, a set of common European-wide First Aid Guidelines is available to the public. Launched today, the JOIN Guidelines promote the importance of First Aid in daily situations at home, at work and in daily life.

From left to right: Dr Vincenzo Costigliola (President of the European Medical Association), Prof Ian Greaves (Chair of the JOIN Clinical Working Group) and Johannes Bucher (JOIN Chairman).
All pictures by Johanniter International

Developed by an international team of experts, who form the JOIN Clinical Working Group, the Guidelines can be used as a basis for setting up a European wide framework for First Aid and are designed to apply in every European country. They also provide a solution to some cross-border health issues and will help to foster international cooperation.

The JOIN Guidelines are intended for First Aiders, the general public, as well as health professionals and are available to all users for free.

We believe that promoting First Aid is to the benefit of all of us as the skills can really save a life. Our Clinical Working Group has worked hard to create these Guidelines and should be congratulated for their efforts,”

Johannes Bucher, Chairman of JOIN.

The JOIN Guidelines are available in fourteen European languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, and also Arabic.

As a partnership of the four protestant Orders of St John and their national charities, our member organisations are based in Europe and the Middle East. In close cooperation and supported by more than 100,000 volunteers, they serve humanity with medical services and First Aid, social care, international aid, disaster relief and youth work. The services of JOIN member organisations are open to everyone. Core to our values is our Christian heritage which underlines our work.

For free download of JOIN European First Aid Guidelines, go to: