An English volunteer at the Ambulance services in Vienna

Johanniter Austria welcomes volunteers from all JOIN member organisations to join their 24/7 patient transport and emergency medical service throughout Vienna. Scheduled patient transports to and from the hospital or doctors’ offices are common. The ambulance car, with two trained paramedics on board, also responds to emergency calls. 

From 3rd to 8th February, Arseni Loika from St John Ambulance travelled from England to Vienna to participate in the Volunteer Swap. Here is what he reports:

“I was lucky to have had the opportunity to spend five days in Vienna on the Volunteer Swap Program. In total, I did 4 shifts for both patient transport and emergency calls, all of which offered excellent clinical experience and a way to learn about the Viennese/Austrian healthcare system. The many members I have met were all highly professional and friendly and made sure to involve me as much as possible during the shifts. It was also very interesting to see the differences and similarities between St John Ambulance UK and Johanniter Austria in the way the organizations operate and how well they adapt to the needs of the public in their respective countries.”