JOIN PR, Marketing and Communication Working Group meets in Berlin

From 24th to 25th March, the JOIN Working Group for PR, Marketing and Communication met in Berlin. Johanniter Germany hosted representatives from Austria, England, Switzerland, the JOIN Board and the JOIN Office.

After a presentation by Johanniter Germany about their successful new Corporate Identity and Corporate Design, the participants gave positive feedback and discussed possibilities of implementing elements in their own countries. Johanniter Germany shared their employer branding campaign showing the wide range of activities of the organisation, and St John Ambulance shared their Communication and Media Volunteers Initiative, informing on the expanding pool of volunteers who take on communication tasks regionally. Following an update on the Cooperation of the Five Orders of St John and its planned joint website, participants shared their practices of political communication. The working group discussed social media developments and possible new channels. Johanniter Germany reported about the Future Days event held in Berlin in October 2022, dedicated to digitisation, diversity and sustainability, placing the focus on human resources. The JOIN Office gave insights into the developments within the other working groups and presented its website management and the Volunteer Swap.

The second day started with Johanniter Austria presenting its newest fundraising campaign, as well as their employer campaign filmed in 2022 with focus on the diversity of Johanniter employees. Our Austrian member’s new website and podcast were also presented and received enthusiastically.

After Johanniter Germany informed about developing a joint action plan following allegations of xenophobic behaviour in its rescue services, the MED1stMR project was presented to the working group, and participants addressed internal communication via intranet. A discussion on the future of the working group, its structure and upcoming agenda formed the closing topic of the meeting.

Participants: Dr. Robert Brandstetter (Chairman of the PRMC WG, Austria), Mark Broughton (JOIN Chairman, England), Petra Grell-Kunzinger (Austria), Claudia Hauptman (Germany), Marlene Havel (Austria), Eva Lösch (Germany), Rodrigo Olivares-Alba (Austria), Eva Pelgen (JOIN Office), Therese Raatz (Germany), Friederike von Bar (Germany), Thomas Vorwerk (Switzerland).