International Summer Camp in Estonia 2023

The annual St John Summer Camp in Estonia aims to offer a joyful time to people with disabilities away from their everyday routine. It is also a valuable experience of social commitment and dedication for the volunteers.

Johanniter Austria hosts first MED1stMR Field Trial

The MED1stMR training solution was tested and evaluated in thge initial Field Trial at the Johanniter Research and Innovation Centre in Vienna. From 25th to 28th July, trainers and first responders practised deployment in a tunnel bus crash scenario.

Two English volunteers at the U 23 Championships in Finland

From 13th to 16th July 2023, the European Athletics Under 23 Championships took place in Espoo, Finland. Aaron and Isabella from St John Ambulance joined our Finnish colleagues and worked as first aiders to provide safety to athletes, spectators, and officials.

MED1stMR pilot session in Zurich

On the 3rd and 4th of July 2023, the consortium of the MED1stMR project gathered in Zurich to prepare for the field trials that will start at the end of the month.

An English volunteer at the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin

From 16th to 25th June 2023, the Special Olympics World Games took place in Berlin where thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities competed together in 26 summer sports. Johanniter’s regional association of Berlin provided medical services at the Games and was joined by Euan from St John Ambulance who travelled from Nottingham to the event.

First Volunteer Swap for young people between England and Germany

A Volunteer Swap for young people took place in June for the first time between volunteers from England and Germany. The JOIN Volunteering and Youth Working Group has initiated this idea and after long planning, JOIN gave 15 young people and their supervisors the opportunity to experience each other’s areas of activity.