Volunteer Swap in Hungary

Johannita Segitö Szolgálat was founded in 1989 and has since developed programmes that support religious institutions and home care services. It operates through seven regional organisations, organises camps for adolescents and persons with disabilities and also provides humanitarian aid in- and outside Hungary.

  • You will be covered by national health and accident insurance. Regarding travel insurance, please contact your national contact point.

The Project

Hungarian Commandery of the Johanniterorden celebrates its centenary in 2024. There will be a series of festive events around the year, but the highlight will be a conference on the Order and the Thanksgiving church service the second weekend of May before the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Volunteers who participate in the events can help with hosting (registration, help with the local organisation of the dinner, for the church service and possibly provide medical coverage (first aid) during the church service, etc.). There is opportunity to take a tour around Budapest  with the Hungarian volunteers.

The Volunteer

The volunteer will participate in the celebrations either as an organisational helper or as a first-aider.




10th to 12th of May 2024

Application Deadline: latest 5th of April

Who can apply?

All volunteers from JOIN member organisations. (max. 2 persons)

Languages: English (perhaps German).

Other important information

Accommodation to be discussed with Johannita Hungary


If you are interested, please contact the JOIN Office at join.office@johanniter.org