Volunteer Swap in the Netherlands

Since its foundation in 1974, Johanniter Nederland has developed different projects in the areas of home care, social services, care for elderly and homeless people as well as persons with disabilities. It also offers holidays for the latter.

  • You will be covered by national health and accident insurance. Regarding travel insurance, please contact your national contact point.

The Project

During the holiday season in December 2024, we organise two five-day holidays for lonely elderly who cannot afford to go on a holiday themselves. The holidays will be spent at a hotel in the Netherlands.

The Volunteer

The volunteers participating in the week take care of the holiday guests by giving them their full attention, organising activities and activating the holiday spirit. During the week, we make several trips. The volunteers ensure that the guests have a carefree, happy holiday.


These holidays will take place in De Rijp (province North-Holland).


23rd December – 27th December 2024: De Rijper Eilanden in De Rijp – The Netherlands

29th December 2024  – 02nd January 2025: Hotel De Rijper Eilanden in De Rijp – The Netherlands

Who can apply?

If you like taking care of people and making sure the guests have an unforgettable holiday week, you are more than welcome to join one of our holidays. A good command of English is important.

Other important information

Each holiday, we accommodate 20 guests with 10 volunteers. As a volunteer, you will take care of our guests, but the guests don’t need medical attention.

During the holiday, the volunteer will stay and sleep at the hotel where the holidays take place. Meals are provided during the week. The volunteer will have accommodation during the duration of the holiday.


If you are interested, please contact the JOIN-Office at join.office@johanniter.org.