Volunteer Swap in the Netherlands

Since its foundation in 1974, Johanniter Nederland has developed different projects in the areas of home care, social services, care for elderly and homeless people as well as persons with disabilities. It also offers holidays for the latter.

The Project

In 2023, we are going to organise five holiday weeks for older people in need of care. Every week-long holiday will be spent at a hotel in the Netherlands, with several trips planned

The Volunteer

The volunteers participating in the week take care of the holiday guests. Helping someone to shower and get dressed is an example of what care is given. Sometimes it can be necessary to help someone go to the toilet. During the week, we make several trips. The volunteers come along to help the guests. Taking someone by the arm or pushing a wheelchair can be one of the tasks to all over ensure that the guest has a carefree, happy holiday.


The holiday weeks will take place in Lemele (province Overijssel), Lunteren (province Gelderland) and in Ermelo (province Gelderland).


22nd -28th April: Het Bosgoed in Lunteren

6th -12nd May: Het Hallehuis (Imminkhoeve) in Lemele

17th-23rd June: Het Hallehuis (Imminkhoeve) in Lemele

24th-30th June: Het Bosgoed in Lunteren

30th September – 6th October: Denneheul in Ermelo

Who can apply?

If you like taking care of people and making sure the guests have an unforgettable holiday week, you are more than welcome to join one of our holidays. A good command of English is important.

Other important information

The holidays start on Saturday afternoon and end the following Friday in the morning. During the week, the volunteer will stay and sleep at the hotel where the holiday takes place. Meals are provided during the week. The volunteer will have accommodation at the respective hotel from Saturday afternoon until the next Friday morning.


If you are interested, please contact the JOIN-Office at join.office@johanniter.org.