London, England  1st – 4th October

Just one week after the Berlin Marathon, on the first weekend of October, four members of the Johanniter Berlin Cycle Response Unit supported their colleagues and partners at the London Marathon.

Read below the report by Lukas Mohr from Johanniter in Berlin:

“This Volunteer Swap opportunity and the trip to London were a great step for the international partnership with our English colleagues of the St John Ambulance Cycle Response Unit London and South. After a break of over 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to participate in our first international outreach from 1st to 4th October. Together with our local colleagues, we manned 36 bicycles for the London Marathon and were able to ensure the safety of the more than 42,000 runners on all sections of the route from Greenwich to Buckingham Palace.

The joint operation and the trip to London were something very special for all of us. Together with our English colleagues we realised how much we missed the joint work and the exchange, both professionally and privately, during the long period of travel restrictions.

Of course, this trip was still affected by the pandemic. A strict hygiene and infection protection concept applied to the teammates from Berlin, which included daily rapid tests and a PCR test on site in London. The obligation to wear FFP-2 masks and to adhere to the distance regulations was also an integral part of the hygiene concept. All emergency personnel returned healthy and tested negative.

The partnership with the London Cycle Response Unit has been in place since the beginning of 2019 and together we want to expand the volunteer work in this field and learn from each other. Even after the United Kingdom has left the European Union, we are committed to this international partnership and would like to expand and deepen it in the coming years – because helping others together does not fail due to political decisions or national borders.

We are planning further joint operations in both Berlin and London for 2022.”