JOIN Fundraising Working Group meets in Larnaca

From 19th to 20th May, representatives from Austria, England, France, Jerusalem, the Netherlands, the Order of St John, Switzerland and the JOIN Board met in Larnaca. This was the first face-to-face meeting of the Fundraising since October 2019.

The day began with a short report of each member organisation on one particular fundraising activity over the past year. This was followed by a presentation of door-to-door fundraising in Austria. St John Ambulance shared its experience in community fundraising, involving volunteers at local levels and building sustainable funding activities. Furthermore, Johanniter Nederland presented its fundraising with trusts and foundations. Finally, the JOIN Office reported on the fundraising appeals for Ukraine launched by the member organisations.

The relevance of the different fundraising fields and techniques discussed were assessed according to the objectives, capacities and domestic context of each participating JOIN member.

From left to right: Stephan Beschle (UK), David Dahdal (Jerusalem), Thomas Vorwerk (Switzerland), Christian Velten-Jameson (JOIN Vice-Chairman, France), Georgea Enthoven (Netherlands), Louise Barth (England), Eva Pelgen (JOIN Office), Joachim Berney (JOIN Office), Dr Robert Brandstetter (Austria).

The second day of the meeting saw participants exchanged on how to prepare research project proposals in the frame of the Horizon Europe program. After an introduction to the concept of giving cycles in Switzerland, the participants engaged in discussing their approach and national regulations on legacy fundraising.